Templo del vino

Welcome to the Templo del Vino

Here on the gourmet street in the middle of the old fishing district "La Ranilla", you`ll find mediterranean-eurasian specialties paired with typical spanish/canarian cuisine. For the preparation of our food, we focus on the use of high-quality, local, homemade and fresh products.

Be advised by our trained staff for typical local wine or go for an oenological excursion to the best areas worldwide of wine cultivations.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a good appetite.

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La Tapa... Spanish word for the top.
In the vernacular, the word "tapa" is also loosely translated into "a titbit", as it is in small portions. The origin of tapas is undoubtedly looking to Andalusia and closely associated with the legendary wines and sherries from Spain. It is proven that the piece of bread with ham or cheese, toped on the sherry or wine glass has been to preserve the wonderful aroma in the glass. Another theory is that a slice of bread on the glass made that flies should stay away from the sweet wines.

How to eat tapas?
Usually, each person on the tableorders (depending on your appetite) 2 - 4 different tapas. They will be served one by one on the centre of the table. People like to share and to reorder more tapas. An extensive tapas meal can sometimes take hours. The small portions invite you also to try out unknown food and to broaden your taste horizons. Tapas is one of the communicative ways to take a meal together. Their is formed inmediatly a family atmosphere, because everyone can pick out the little bowls in the middle.

We hope you enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle and the desire to eat tapas!